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 Kid with the Golden Arm

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PostSubject: Kid with the Golden Arm   Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:06 pm

While on the subject of great Shaws movies and those starring the Venoms, there has to be room for this.

Again, I didn't know this has been reprinted, the copy I have is the dubbed version, but it still kicks it.

One of the best performances from Lo Meng IMHO, and Phillip Kwok does some excellent acrobatics all the way through the movie.

The absolute favourite moment in the film for me is when Lo Meng's character Golden Arm first turns up after Brass Head (Yang Hsuing) is killed and walks past Chiang Sheng, Sun Shu-Pei and Sun Chien blocking their attacks. Have a look at how confidently Lo Meng walks and fights in this part of the movie and focus on his eyes. He doesn't seem too worried about three guys with weapons and blocks them with ease and it really feels like Lo Meng was living this character. (They must have rehearsed this a lot of times.)

Also the fight between Phillip Kwok and Wang Lung Wei was brilliant. Super fast and interesting which an excellent performance from both actors.
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PostSubject: Re: Kid with the Golden Arm   Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:49 am

Hehe... oh yes! I remember wincing whenever he would block a sword with his arms... nervous
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Kid with the Golden Arm
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