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 Stupid doubling

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PostSubject: Stupid doubling   Stupid doubling EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 6:56 am

Again, to bring up Above the Law I was watching the fight between Cynthia Rothrock and Karen Shepherd.

A lot of people rave about this scene, which probably is the pinnacle of Cynthia's martial arts movie career. (Personally, I don't find it that impressive).

Anyway, I recall reading that this was the only time that Karen Shepherd made a movie in HK, and now after watching this scene again I can sort of understand why.

Perhaps up to 70% of the fight scene wasn't Karen at all but some skinny guy in a wig. So maybe she saw the final result and how little it was her and gave up on a career in HK?

Well, that's not the focus of this new thread. I saw some doubling in this scene that seemed a little excessive. Karen is chased by Cynthia and is doubled pretty much continuously - but in one section, Karen runs down a set of escalators and then jumps from one flight to another (I think there were three flights). She's doubled entirely for this section and while I'm not sure if Cynthia was partly doubled in this scene, there is some clear footage of her doing this 'escalator skipping'. I guess given that Karen is also a martial artist in real life, I found it very disappointing that she did so little in this movie.

We've all seen cases of unnecessary doubling like this at times, so let's hear your frustrations!
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PostSubject: Re: Stupid doubling   Stupid doubling EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 7:46 am

Well, Cynthia alone was doubled by Yuen Wah, Hsiao Ho, Yuen Biao and Chin Yuet Sang.
So i'm not surprised at all,
Peter Cunningham was doubled by Yuen Biao
Melvin Wong was doubled by Chin Ka Lok

Also, Biao doubled for Cynthia in Shanghai Express in a fight between her and Sammo.
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Stupid doubling
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